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As you enter the briefing room you will be informed of the laser tag rules of etiquette which are the same no matter what form of tag you are playing. They are:

No running
No climbing on the obstacles
No covering the pack sensors
No physical contact
Some arena's may have additional rules, these should be followed as they are put in place for your own safety.

Once the game marshal has told you the rules and demonstrated the correct way of putting on the pack you will then enter the pack room and suit up.

Once you have your pack on you will enter the arena. On the way through the arena entrance you will have to power up your phasor and pack. Your marshal will show you how to do this.

Once you are in the arena then you just need to keep tagging your opponents. See Hints And Tips

At the end of the game you will need to return to the pack room and remove your pack. Then you will need to collect your score sheet to see how well or how badly you did.

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4/5th June - Final Weekend at Laserforce Northampton....
Laserforce Northampton will be closing on Sunday 5th June. 30/04/2016
Brand New Laserforce G7 opened in South Shields....
Formerly Quasar South Sheilds - we've now demolished the old arena and have a brand new Laserforce G7 system in our brand new one. It's multi-level, with a pit, bridge, plenty of targets and a warbot to combat over many different missions. 26/03/2016
School's out special @ Star Command ....
30 minute sessions now half price!* 16/07/2015
Quasar Corby Laser Arena....
We regret to inform of the closure.. 16/06/2015
After years of confrontation, Federation Troopers and Alliance Commandos have come together in a final battle to win control of the sector's primary hub STAR COMMAND!. Both factions need new recruits in order to put an end to the ever raging conflict Ar 4/12/2014
Opening 14th Feb 2015....
Brand new indoor arena opening 5/02/2015
Lazer Zone Doubles Night - Selby....
Running on the last Wednesday of every month, 25 per team (12.50 each) for 4 games of Lazer Zone featuring specially designed games and custom features 21/01/2015
Battlezone Laser North East Ltd Opening May 2014....
Get ready to enter a world of adrenaline-pumping, nerve-jangling,heart pounding action! 18/06/2014
Bring 5 friends to play Laser Tag at Bunker 51 and you play for free! 10/03/2014
GUINNESS WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT - 21st September 2013....
An attempt to play 24 hours of Laser Tag to gain an entry in the Guinness World Records 21/08/2013
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